Please note that all positions are on a purely volunteer basis, thus are unpaid and the majority of work will be take-home. We are all volunteers who share a collective passion for putting together an event for fans by fans.

Additionally, to be eligible for SMASH! Staff you must be at least 18 years old. All roles are interstate, unless explicitly stated otherwise on the role’s page.




The SMASH! Production Department is responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing the logistical & technical aspects of all stages at SMASH!. We ensure the stages run smoothly and successfully. We work closely with the Programming and Guests Departments who are responsible for the content, and with the Operations Department who are responsible for the holistic logistics and safety of the convention in its entirety.

There are currently no positions in the Production department.

Sales & Partnerships

Sales and Partnership (S&P) is where relationships with exhibitors and sponsors are forged and maintained. Our mission is to create a captivating experience for attendees by working closely with businesses interested in being part of SMASH!. As a member of S&P, you’ll be at the forefront of fostering strong connections, ensuring exhibitors and sponsors feel valued and supported throughout their journey with us. Your role will encompass diverse responsibilities, including approaching businesses for exhibition and sponsorship opportunities, collaborating with exhibitors and artists throughout the year, and coordinating closely with various departments within SMASH!.

There are currently no positions in the Sales & Partnerships department.


Creative is where the visual magic happens for SMASH! and works closely with the Marketing, IT and People & Culture teams. Primary responsibilities will include developing and maintaining consistency in visual images across all of SMASH!’s website, social media platforms, marketing materials, and other internal design requests. You will be able to showcase your creative skills and gain hands-on experience with a large scale event.

There are currently no positions in the Creative department.

People & Culture

Department of People and Culture (DPC) is responsible for looking after volunteers’ wellbeing at SMASH! – from the Staff to the Crew. The department consists of the following sub-departments – Staff Support, Crew Support and Community Engagement.

Staff is responsible for providing timely recruitment support to our Departments in search for on-going volunteer champions known as Staff, as well as supporting our Staff throughout their journey with SMASH!. Crew is responsible for searching for our conventionConvention day support champions known as Crew, as well as kicking off training and social events for our Crew team. Community engagement is responsible for developing solutions to engage with the wider community to promote SMASH!’s values. This role is pivotal to develop training and looking after the community within SMASH!.

Together, the department plays a vital part in managing human resources for SMASH! by providing support and advice, facilitating training, and monitoring the wellbeing of all of SMASH!’s volunteers.


There are currently no positions in the People & Culture department.


Marketing department is responsible for driving revenue for SMASH! by finding an audience for our event and selling tickets to them. We maintain the social media platforms, emails, and the website content by planning and implementing digital campaigns and copywriting. We also liaise with external stakeholders to organise online competitions, pop-up booths, and events.

We’re always looking for creative and self-motivated volunteers to help us create the best SMASH! con. If you’re looking for a career in marketing, joining the SMASH! Marketing team is a great stepping stone to gain real-world experience and advance your career!

Our main responsibilities include:

  • Tracking, forecasting and promoting ticket sales regularly
  • Consulting on ticket pricing strategy
  • Delivering on regular ticket sales targets
  • Creating advertising and promotional campaigns to grow audience and converting existing audience to buyers
  • Developing and managing a loyal community and adding value for existing audience
  • Managing website and email updates to provide current information
  • Promoting event content and information from other departments to further above goals
There are currently no positions in the Marketing department.

Accounting and Analytics

Accounting and Analytics (AA) team is a support driven department responsible for tracking and facilitating all revenue/expenditure before, during and after the convention as well as predicting and analysing any audience and business trends. By preparing data-driven insights and up-to-date reporting, the AA department aims to drive direction and clarity for SMASH! in both the present and future.

There are currently no positions in the Accounting and Analytics department.

Attendee Experience

Attendee Experience is the foremost department within SMASH!, assisting with the planning and development of ticketing systems and convention wayfinding, as well as providing customer service and problem solving for our customers and ticket holders.

There are currently no positions in the Attendee Experience department.


The Guest Department manages all VIP Guests that SMASH! brings to the event throughout the convention weekend as well as preparing for their arrival, and departure. We also cater to the needs of all VIP Guests, including scheduling, logistics, briefing of events they attend, and act as the general liaison between the VIP Guests and the rest of SMASH! – “by fans for fans”.

There are currently no positions in the Guests department.


Programming is one of the largest departments in SMASH! as they manage the curation, planning, and coordination of all our exciting activities and content. From planning new events to creating the programming schedule for the event days, the programming teams play a crucial role to ensure that the SMASH! weekend schedules run successfully and that attendees have awesome things to do.

Our department consists of several teams which include Arts & Crafts,  Cosplay, Competitions & Programming Guests, Culture, Gaming, Karaoke, Fan Fiction, Itasha, Maid Cafe, Performances, Panels & Workshops, TCG (Trading Card Games), and Trivia. Each department has at least one Coordinator and an Assistant.

  • Art & Crafts
  • BJD (Ball-Jointed Dolls)
  • Cosplay
  • Competitions & Programming Guests
  • Culture
  • Gaming
  • Karaoke
  • Fan Fiction
  • Itasha
  • Maid Cafe
  • Performances
  • Panel & Workshops
  • TCG (Trading Card Games)
  • Trivia
There are currently no positions in the Programming department.


IT is responsible for all the technical issues and matters prior, during, and after the SMASH! convention. Our responsibilities range from managing the internal background and software of the SMASH! website, to on-the-day technical exercises and duties. SMASH! has a number of systems that help make the convention the great success that it is, many of the which have been developed in-house. The IT infrastructure that we manage is the backbone of the convention, as all departments rely on the systems running smoothly and without delay or fault.

The IT department has a flat management structure with all members reporting directly to the IT Director and advising them of the best possible solutions to meet requirements and achieve goals. The team also employs a principle of “You can ask anyone anything anytime for any reason”, meaning no-one can stop you from asking hard and important questions and suggesting new ideas. SMASH! IT is a collaborative environment where all team members are part of developing projects and direction within the department.

There are currently no positions in the IT department.