Please note that all positions are on a purely volunteer basis, thus are unpaid and the majority of work will be take-home. We are all volunteers who share a collective passion for putting together an event for fans by fans.



Events & Production

Events and Production is one of the largest departments in SMASH! as they manage the curation and administrative duties for all internal programming. From coordinating all sub-departments to creating the programming schedule for the event days, the events and production team plays a crucial role to ensure that the SMASH! weekend schedules run successfully and that attendees have awesome things to do.

Our department consists of fourteen (14) sub-departments which include, Art, AMV, BJD (Ball-Jointed Dolls), Cosplay, Gaming, Gundam, Karaoke, Literature, Maid Cafe, Panels & Workshops, Production, Screenings, TCG (Trading Card Games), and Trivia. Each department has at least one Coordinator and an Assistant.

  • Art
  • AMV
  • BJD (Ball-Jointed Dolls)
  • Cosplay
  • Gaming
  • Gundam
  • Itasha
  • Karaoke
  • Maid Cafe
  • Panel & Workshops
  • Production
  • Screenings
  • TCG (Trading Card Games)
  • Trivia

Trivia Assistant

As a Trivia Assistant, you will be responsible for preparing and implementing various trivia events within SMASH!, creating and submitting proposals, training of volunteers and assisting the Coordinator. 

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Maid Café Assistant Coordinator

As a Maid Café Assistant Coordinator you’ll be responsible for contributing to a broad range of activities relating to the successful operations of the Maid Café. Your willingness to apply yourself, alongside your communication skills and enthusiasm, deliver administrative, training and operational tasks.

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Head of Gaming

As Head of Gaming, you will be responsible for oversight of the entire Gaming Department and the management and guidance of the Department Coordinators. The Head of Gaming will be flexible and confident in leading a team of fellow Gaming Coordinators to deliver the best experience for attendees.

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Gaming Crew Coordinator

As the Gaming Crew Coordinator you will be responsible for  coordinating the volunteer on-the-day crew members within the Gaming Department. This includes attending Crew Training days, creating crew rosters and ensuring crew are handling tasks well and as instructed by other Gaming Coordinators.

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Gaming Logistics Coordinator

As the Gaming Logistics Coordinator, you will be responsible for handling matters regarding the Gaming Department’s logistics which includes but is not limited to equipment, inventory, set-up day progress and liaising with contractors. The position requires the individual to have a strong attention to detail in regards to logistics monitoring, necessary updates and set up coordination. 

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Gaming Tournaments Coordinator

As a Gaming Tournaments Coordinator, you’ll be responsible for all tournament content and ensuring a smooth operation on the day. The tournament coordinator has the responsibilities of planning multiple tournaments over the 2 day event from prizing, scheduling and signups.

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Gaming Content Coordinator

As a Gaming Content Coordinator you’ll be responsible for managing activations such as the PC/Console Free Play Area, both in preparation for the convention and on-the-day. This position requires that the Content Coordinator have a good understanding of current and trending games and entertainment of all genres and platforms, most importantly, Japanese games. 

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Executive Management

The Executive Management department is responsible for the high level management of all departments and all convention related matters liaising between the SMASH! Board and internal and external stakeholders in events prior to, during and post the convention. This includes providing support and direction towards management team and staff while taking instructions from the SMASH! Board.

Executive Assistant

As an Executive Assistant will be responsible for providing ongoing support and direction towards management and staff while taking instructions from the SMASH! Board and Executive Directors. You will also be responsible for high level management of all departments and all convention related matters liaising between the SMASH! Board and internal and external stakeholders in events prior to, during and post the convention. Also, as an Executive Assistant you are expected to become a core part of the Executive Management team with the aspiration to become an Executive Director. 

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Exhibitors & Sponsorship

Exhibitors & Sponsorship (E&S ) is where SMASH!’s relationships with exhibitors and sponsors are made. You will work closely with the all the exhibitors and sponsors that are interested in SMASH! as well as relating departments within SMASH!. Primary responsibilities are those such as, approaching businesses for exhibition and sponsorship opportunities as at SMASH! and liaising with the exhibitors and artists of SMASH! all year round. These are just couple of the things that E&S do.

Our department consists of 5 key categories – Anime, Art & Apparel, Gaming, Food & Culture, Artist and Community. Each category has a Manager and Coordinators.

Account Coordinator

As an Account Coordinator you will be responsible for working closely under and supporting the Account Managers, providing overall day-to-day customer service, as well as building relationships with our accounts through the high quality, professional and efficient delivery of E&S services. Account Coordinators are the foundation support to ensure the effective execution of SMASH!’s overall business objectives as you will be the face of SMASH! and the main relationship link between the organisation and it’s external stakeholders.

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Planning Manager

As a Planning Manager you will primarily responsible for being the main point of contact with our Exhibition Builder, working year round to ensure accurate mapping and  smooth sailing for the bump-in and bump-out procedure for SMASH!’s vendors. They will also be the main relationship link between E&S, Procurement Logistics and Events & Production departments, working closely together to make sure all our vendors are accounted for in terms of providing testing, tagging, storage, mapping, etc. 

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The Guest Department manages all VIP guests that SMASH brings to the event throughout the weekend as well as prepare for their arrival, and departure.

You will be working with a team to cater to the needs of all VIP Guests, including scheduling, logistics, briefing of events they attend, and act as the general liaison between the VIP Guest and the rest of SMASH.

VIP Guests range from Anime Directors, Voice Talents, Singers, Cosplayers, Manga Artists and much much more! It is an exciting and department who will work with many departments in SMASH.

There are currently no positions in the Guests department.


IT is responsible for all the technical issues and matters prior, during, and after the SMASH! convention. Our responsibilities range from managing the internal background and software of the SMASH! website, to on-the-day technical exercises and duties. SMASH! has a number of systems that help make the convention the great success that it is, many of the which have been developed in-house. The IT infrastructure that we manage is the backbone of the convention, as all departments rely on the systems running smoothly and without delay or fault.

The IT department has a flat management structure with all members reporting directly to the IT Director and advising them of the best possible solutions to meet requirements and achieve goals. The team also employs a principle of “You can ask anyone anything anytime for any reason”, meaning no-one can stop you from asking hard and important questions and suggesting new ideas. SMASH! IT is a collaborative environment where all team members are part of developing projects and direction within the department.

Software Developer

As a Software Developer, you will be responsible for writing web-based and client-based application software, ensuring the IT systems and SMASH! website are fully functional, bug free, and easy to navigate behind-the-scenes.

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Systems Administrator

As a System Administrator, you will be responsible for ensuring smooth and reliable functionality of our servers, services and networks throughout the year, and for configuration and monitoring of services and networks required during the convention itself.

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UX Designer

As a UX Designer, you will be responsible for gathering requirements, during user research, creating wireframes and mockups of new interfaces, and coordinating the content publishing and updates.

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The SMASH! Marketing department is responsible for the management of communications and promotions of SMASH! products and values to a variety of stakeholders. Using a variety of mediums to communicate the core messages of SMASH! and SMASH Inc, Marketing focuses on exposing SMASH! to a greater number of stakeholders and managing the public image of SMASH!, that is produced, delivered and maintained throughout the year.

Marketing works closely with the Executive, IT and Design teams in the development of SMASH! aesthetics in line with SMASH!’s desired image. This involves; but is not limited to access to the SMASH! website, production of images/content for marketing and promotional use and maintaining the SMASH! website to provide up to date information.

The department consists of a number of key areas. These areas cover the various responsibilities that the department holds as reflected in the marketing strategy.

These areas are:

  • Digital Marketing
    • Google/Facebook Ads management and monitoring
    • Social Media campaigns throughout the year
    • On The Day (OTD) social media
  • Content Marketing
    • Art for social media posts centred around Japanese sports culture
    • SMASH! mascot cosplay
    • SMASH! TV
    • OTD interviews
    • OTD photography and videography
  • PR/Media
    • Media collaborations
    • Editorials
    • Distribution of sponsors’ content
    • Media releases
    • Giveaways community events, SMASH! workshops, and with community influencers
  • Community Engagement
    • Pop Ups, Workshops and Events
    • Engagement with university clubs and organisations
    • Engagement with Japanese community events in Sydney
  • Traditional Advertising
    • Poster distribution
    • Radio advertising
  • Statistics
    • Customer profiling
    • OTD attendee data
  • Design
    • Design content as required for SMASH!
    • Produce design style guides for SMASH!


As a Copywriter you will be responsible for writing copies for social media, online content, the Event Guide, posters, and any other body of text directly visible to the public and external stakeholders, according to the SMASH! Copywriting Style Guide.

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Media Videographer

As a Media Videographer you will be responsible for the capture of video and audio of segments intended for inclusion in social media video posts, Youtube videos, and website uploads.

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Newsletter Editor

As a Newsletter Editor where you will be responsible for handling and managing the monthly newsletter, including scheduling, content creation, and keeping up with recent trends. 

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Competitions Coordinator

As a Competitions Coordinator you will be responsible for planning, managing and running competitions for SMASH! while liaising with other marketing coordinators as well as our Exhibitors and Sponsors (E&S) and Events & Production departments to manage and deliver all sponsored competitions. 

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Event Videographer

As an Event Videographer you will be responsible for providing high-quality footage for our digital marketing channels, primarily working at the main event (SMASH! weekend) and affiliated events throughout the year.

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Event Photographer

As an Event Photographer you will be responsible for providing high-quality images for print and digital channels, primarily working at the main event (SMASH! weekend) and affiliated events throughout the year.

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Ticketing & Customer Service

Ticketing & Customer Service works closely with the IT and Design teams in the development of the SMASH! ticketing experience both online and offline, and in ensuring the expertise of the previous IT&T team is passed on, learnt and documented. You will also take part in developing best practices in customer service, queue management and the general pre-entry experience of the convention.

Our department consists of 3 sub­-departments – Customer Services, Ticketing Systems and Entry Experience.

Customer Service Assistant

As a Customer Service Assistant you will be responsible for handling face-to-face customer enquiries in a courteous and respectful manner before, during and after the convention, aiding in the development of customer-related ticketing systems and assisting the Customer Service Coordinator before, during and after convention. You will specialise in customer service and the online pre-sales experience, providing assistance to returning or prospective attendees in an effectual and courteous manner.

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Ticketing & Customer Service Director

As a Ticketing & Customer Service director you will design, implement and execute the department plan where you’ll guide the team in achieving these goals leading up to, during and after the convention. You will also be working closely with the IT and Marketing departments in procuring tickets and passes, running of ticket sales programs and driving ticket sales. 

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Treasury and Procurement

The SMASH! Treasury and Procurement department is responsible for the purchase, storage, inventory management, and transportation of all goods relating to SMASH! Inc. and it’s activities. In addition the Treasury team is responsible for OTD procurement and distribution of cash float, procurement of EFTPOS terminals & POS setup, cash counting and reconciliation of weekend sales, and the secure management and responsibility over cash.the secure management and responsibility over cash.  safekeeping of cash & procurement of secure cash deposit.

Treasury and Procurement Director

As the Treasury and Procurement Director you will draw on your leadership experiences in your duty as the head of the department, and apply your financial experience to guide and manage the department.

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Expression Of Interest

Expression Of Interest

Don’t see a department that is hiring or not sure which role will best suit your current skills and knowledge? Why not send through your interest and we’ll get in contact if we find a role that is suitable for you and is looking to be filled in.

SMASH! is always on the lookout for new staff members to join our organisation to assist in making our event bigger and better each year. We have many departments that are looking for different skills and knowledge in various areas to take on roles such as directors, coordinators and assistants.

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