3D Generalist

3D Generalist

The Creative department is responsible for managing and producing all visual content that is required across the various departments within the organisation. This may include advertising material (print/digital/online) for Marketing and Sales and Partnership, support collateral for Programming and other internal documents.

Creative is made up of Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Photographers, Videographers, Video Editors, 3D Animators and Artists. During the event, there may be additional temporary Photographers and Videographers to help manage the workload.

3D Generalist reports directly to the CG Supervisor and Creative Director and will collaborate with other artists on an animation project.

Projects available may include promotional videos, short episodic commercials or other internally initiated projects.

We recommend those who have studied an Animation Course, or are currently working in the industry, or have a strong passion for 3D Art and Animation for game or film to apply for this position. If you have experience in 3D Modelling, texturing, animation, lighting, and lookdev, you can consider applying for this position.

3D Generalists are responsible for working on 3D animation projects which would be used for marketing/sponsorship use across the year. This may include content that will be published on SMASH! Social media platforms including Youtube, Facebook video, and Instagram Reels/IGTV, as well as the SMASH! Website and any third party collaborations.

Responsibilities include:

  • Using Arnold, Katana or Unreal engine to light and render a variety of CG elements
  • Optimising and troubleshooting renders; providing feedback to departments upstream; seek feedback when renders fail to match delivery expectation
  • Investigate new workflows, tools and efficiencies within the department.
  • Partner with Designers and Creative Directors to produce lookdev and designs for project pitches.
  • Strong organisational skills and discipline tracking your own work
  • Collaborate with supervisors, and other departments in establishing robust and consistent handovers
  • Take ownership of all notes and feedback relating to your shots
  • Good problem-solving skills and ability to do self-directed learning
  • Ensure your lead and coordinator are kept up to date of any issues that may hinder your ability to reach a deadline
  • Provide a clear and accurate time estimates for all work assigned
  • General understanding of the CG pipeline and the flexibility to be able to play different roles depending on the project.
  • Interact with tracking systems, adhere to SMASH’s workflows and sequencing practices


  • Able to execute at least 3 of the following at a high level:
    • Character Modelling and/or Hard Surface Modelling
    • Look-development and Texturing
    • Scene assembly and Lighting
    • CG Compositing (Nuke)
    • VFX Compositing (Nuke)
    • Technical and Mograph Animation
    • FX/Simulation
    • 3D Design
  • Intimate software knowledge of at least 1 of the following CG packages:
    • Maya
    • Unreal
    • Substance Designer
    • Substance Painter
    • Nuke
    • Zbrush
  • Bonus software knowledge:
    • Katana
    • Houdini
    • Blender
    • Python Scripting
  • Strong communication skills in English.
  • Attend meetings, workshops and activities as required.
  • Compositing
  • VFX
  • 3D Animation
  • Previous volunteer or customer service experience

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