Creative Content Design Lead

Creative Content Design Lead

The Creative department is responsible for creating brand cohesion, digital designs and visual communication across all of SMASH! 

Creative is made up of Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Photographers, Videographers, Video Editors, 3D Animators and Artists. During the event, there may be additional temporary Photographers and Videographers to help manage the workload.

Creative Content Design Lead reports directly to the Creative Director and will be responsible for maintaining consistency in visual branding and managing quality of creative content material across SMASH!’s website, social media platforms, marketing materials, and other internal projects. 

You will be the primary lead for Graphic Designers, Illustrations and Motion Graphic Designers. You will coordinate static visual content and graphic projects that are required across the various departments within the organisation. This may include advertising material (print/digital/online) for Marketing and Sales and Partnership, support collateral for Programming and other internal documents.

We recommend those who are currently working as a mid-level graphic designer or digital designer and have a strong passion for anime and design to apply for this position. If you are currently studying visual communications and have management experience, you can consider applying for this position.

Creative Content Design Leads are responsible for leading the Art & Design team, develop comprehensive creative strategies, workflows and efficiencies within the team and collaborate with supervisors and the Creative Director in hiring staff.

Responsibilities include:

  • Develop comprehensive creative strategies, for the team aligning it with highest priority objectives
  • Foster a collaborative and innovative work culture, encourage the team to share ideas and experiment with new concepts
  • Nurture team’s performance and effectiveness for creative initiatives and continuous improvement
  • Strengthen the creative content by cultivating strong cross-department relationships and external creative ventors to enhance capabilities 
  • Oversee the conceptualisation and execution of high quality content and visually appealing projects that resonate with the target audience
  • Partner with Creative Director to strengthen the creative content and enhance team capabilities
  • Strong organisational skills and discipline across tracking projects 
  • Collaborate with directors, enhance collaboration with other departments in establishing robust and consistent handovers
  • Take ownership of all notes and feedback given
  • Good problem-solving skills and stay updated with latest trends and technologies
  • Ensure Creative Directors, campaign managers and engineers are kept up to date of any issues that may hinder the ability to reach a deadline.
  • Provide a clear and accurate time estimates for all work
  • You are Production Minded – Exceptional understanding of the complexities of the production of illustration, graphics and animation graphics, and have a proven track record of briefing in and delivering high quality assets for campaigns or brand creative.
  • You love creating quality work at global scale –  You can produce high quality elements efficiently when required
  • Has intimate software knowledge of and access to at least 2 of the following Adobe packages:
      • Photoshop
      • Illustrator
      • inDesign
      • After Effects
  • You can confidently present ideas and tell a compelling story to the broader team
  • Implement processes and tools to streamline the creative workflow, improving efficiency and productivity in collaboration with the Marketing team
  • People first leader, compassionate and effective leader that will build growth and development in a large team.
  • Bonus software knowledge in: Trello and/or Slack
  • Previous volunteer or customer service experience

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