Director of Photography

Director of Photography

The Media Production Team is a sub-department of the Creative department who are responsible for creating brand cohesion, digital designs and visual communication across all of SMASH!

Each Staff member takes on either solo briefs or collaborates with other members in the wider team on the same project.

Projects available may include social media posts, youtube content, marketing campaigns, SMASH! Interviews and other SMASH! media collateral.

We recommend those who have a strong photography portfolio to apply for the Director of Photography Position. You do not need to have professional qualifications in art or design, nor be working in the creative industry.

The SMASH! Creative department is looking for a new Director of Photography (DoP) to work directly with the Media Production Manager and heads of other departments.

As a DoP you will also be a permanent photographer in the team and have the lead responsibility of quality control.

The Ideal Candidate will be based both on the day of SMASH! and all year round.

  • Ensure a high level of communication between all photographers and videographers on level of footage quality.
  • Maintaining good communication between the production and post-production facilities
  • Write up documentations and lead presentations of any required general knowledge for quality control (e.g. Instructions to S-log footage)
  • Reviewing raw footage¬†
  • Visual edits for SMASH! photos that include watermarks and photo repairing.
  • Contactable on a regular basis online and over the phone
  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience producing and editing photo images.
  • Access to, and experience with, photo editing software (Lightroom, Photoshop, etc.) and gear.
  • Photography skills – have an eye for composition and know how to tell a story through a shot
  • Understand camera and lighting techniques
  • Organisational skills
  • Attend meetings, workshops and activities as required
  • Available for convention days in Sydney, Australia
  • Previous volunteer or customer service experience
  • Strong knowledge and skill of low-light photography.
  • Have a camera and equipment such as a flashlight suitable for low-light photography.

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