Application Developer

The SMASH! IT department is responsible for a range of internal software systems and services that support a wide range of the organisation's activities from the website through to ticketing and on-the-day administration. Many of the systems that help make SMASH! the great success it is have been developed in-house and we continue to streamline existing processes and develop new solutions to emerging needs.

As a developer within SMASH! IT, you will be involved in the design and development of new web-based and/or client-based software in response to organisational needs. The bulk of work involved in this position occurs between conventions, based on feedback and experiences from previous conventions.

As part of a team, you need to be able to work with others on projects of wider importance to the organisation, adapt to new environments, and collaborate on innovative solutions to new challenges. You will also be part of processes to procure additional hardware, services, and software.

All members of the SMASH! IT team have an important role in advising the IT Director and CTO on general and specific technical matters relating to our areas of expertise. This is a collaborative environment where all team members are part of developing projects and direction within the department.

Important skills:
* Experience developing new software solutions.
* Experience debugging and maintaining existing software.
* Ability to work with other team members and departments to build the best possible applications.
* Good understanding of when to say No.
* Adaptability to new development environments.

Prior experience with one or more of the following highly desirable:
* Ruby on Rails
* Drupal
* Javascript (in the browser)
* Node.js
* Angular
* React
* PostgreSQL
* Electron
* QT
* Go
* Atlassian applications
* Amazon Web Services

During the convention:
* Application Support and handling edge cases that may arise.
* Ensuring continued performance and operation of the software.
* Assisting other IT staff and Departments as required.
* Applicants for this position may take on some additional responsibilities with another department as required.

Like ALL positions within SMASH! this is an UNPAID VOLUNTEER position. Even our board of directors and head executives are volunteers!

Enthusiastic Web and Application developers wanting to assist in this important aspect of running the convention are encouraged to apply.

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