Maid Cafe Assistant Coordinator

Maid Cafe Assistant Coordinator

Assistant Coordinators support the capability of Maid Café year round and are responsible for the efficient execution of activities. They are proactive in executing initiatives that improve the customer experience.

The ability for Maid Café to perform to a high standard is rooted in the efforts of the staff. We are looking for an Assistant Coordinator to be responsible for contributing to a broad range of activities relating to the successful operations of the Maid Café. Your willingness to apply yourself, alongside your communication skills and enthusiasm, deliver administrative, training and operational tasks.

As the Assistant Coordinator, you will manage the detailed tasks that underpin the preparation of people and assets for Maid Café. You will need to be self motivated, personable and an advocate of maid café values. You will be responsible for thought leadership and additional manpower in supporting Coordinator initiatives. You will receive ongoing support and supervision from the Head of Maid Café.


Year round:

  • Execute training materials and plans for household staff
  • Execute activities relating to administration
  • Advocate maid café characteristics and experience
  • Support management of junior household staff dress, bearing and discipline

On the day of the event:

  • In charge of critical operational items (optional)
  • Handle ancillary tasks at the delegation of the Coordinator
  • Foster behaviour that is representative of the Maid Café
  • One year with SMASH! Maid Café crew or equivalent maid café experience
  • Proactive and positive work ethic
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Two years with SMASH! Maid Café crew or equivalent maid café experience
  • Strong customer service ability

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