Maid Cafe Coordinator (Administration)

Maid Cafe Coordinator (Administration)

Coordinators develop the capability of Maid Café year round and are accountable for the efficient execution of activities. They are proactive in creating initiatives that improve the customer experience.

In providing a holistic experience for guests, there are a vast array of factors that must be managed and developed. We are looking for a Coordinator to be responsible for non-operational initiatives in the new household. Your attention to detail, passion for the maid café image and specialist skills ensures a cohesive and rewarding experience for both staff and guests.

As the Coordinator, you will handle administration and support activities. You will need to be self motivated, personable and an advocate of maid café values. You will be involved in logistics and shaping the guest-facing elements of maid café (such as design, marketing and décor). You will receive ongoing support and supervision from the Head of Maid Café.


Year round:

  • Interlock with other SMASH! departments and third-parties
  • Resourcing relating to design and décor and asset management
  • Support other Coordinators in the execution of their duties
  • In charge of non-operational initiatives
  • In charge of operational readiness leading up to the event

On the day of the event:

  • In charge of critical operational items (optional)
  • Foster behaviour that is representative of the Maid Café
  • Experience in stakeholder management
  • Excellent communication and critical thinking ability
  • One year with SMASH! Maid Café crew or equivalent maid café experience
  • Business fluency or above for Japanese (or other language) speaking and writing
  • Specialist skills and experience that can contribute to improving customer experience

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