Maid Cafe Coordinator (Operations)

Maid Cafe Coordinator (Operations)

Coordinators develop the capability of Maid Café year round and are accountable for the efficient execution of activities. They are proactive in creating initiatives that improve the customer experience.

The ability and welfare of our household staff are of paramount importance in ensuring a rewarding experience. We are looking for a Coordinator to be responsible for staff safety and security in the household. Your understanding of risk management combined with your communication skills and reasoning ability creates an optimal working environment without compromising guest experience.

As the Coordinator, you will manage the development of our male staff and ensure a consistent experience for guests. You will need to be self motivated, personable and an advocate of maid café values. You will be responsible for operations and related aspects. You will receive ongoing support and supervision from the Head of Maid Café.


Year round:

  • Assess and develop security controls for online and physical environments
  • Manage procedures relating to safety and incidents
  • Manage services delivered to the guests
  • Orchestrate floor layout, access control and kitchen management
  • Engage in intake and review of junior household staff
  • In charge of male junior household staff dress, bearing and discipline

On the day of the event:

  • Model exemplar conduct in representing the Maid Café
  • Manage service flow and execution of activities
  • Resolve security and process escalations
  • Ability to adapt, improvise and overcome challenges
  • Excellent communication and reasoning ability
  • Three years with SMASH! Maid Café crew or equivalent experience
  • Experience in customer and personal service, and public safety
  • Ability in perceptual speed, flexing personality and prioritisation

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