Location Sound Recordist

We are looking for a Location Sound Recordist to join the Visual Media team of the SMASH! family. This position involves working closely with the Videography Coordinator to record sound for interviews, from spoken dialogue to ambient room sound, in order to provide a high-quality audio track for transcription and video production. You will be primarily working at the main event in August, possibly at affiliated events as well. The ideal candidate will be self-motivated, well spoken, highly organised and a team player, with a passion for production audio and sound quality.

Please note that this is a voluntary, unpaid position.

Key Responsibilities

• Working closely with the Videography team to record high-quality interview dialogue and other recording projects at the main SMASH! weekend in August and at other affiliated events.
• Curating, editing, organising and delivering your final synced audio tracks to the Videography Coordinator.

A successful candidate will be able to demonstrate:

• Passion for filmmaking and technical sound quality, with pevious experience in location sound recording, sound mixing or audio engineering
• Have a showreel or sound design demo reel with selected examples of your best work, uploaded to Youtube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, etc.
• Proficiency with your own sound recording equipment, e.g. audio recorder, shotgun and/or lavalier microphones, boom pole / stand etc.
• Proficieny with sound editing and audio engineering software, e.g. Audition, Prelude, etc.
• Good written and verbal communication skills
• Strong ability to work with others
• Excellent planning and time management skills
• Good initiative and ability to work under pressure

Desirable Skills/Knowledge:

• Studying film or related creative media, with a working knowledge of the production process
• Have your own USB3 1tb+ portable HDD and laptop
• Have own transportation

To be considered for this role you must also be:

• Easily contactable (mainly via email or phone) i.e. responding to emails within 24hrs
• Available to attend the main two-day event in August

Please provide the following in the Portfolio section below

• A demo reel with previous sound recording and/or interview work, uploaded to Soundcloud or Dropbox

Please note that this role is for a not-for-profit volunteer organisation and means that it is voluntary and unpaid, with the majority of work being at the event itself or take-home. As volunteers who share a collective passion for putting together an event for fans by fans, we endeavour to maintain a positive working environment based on team support and fostering professional growth. We offer references after the event that is a testament to the unique skill and experience you've developed by working with SMASH!

If you believe that you have all the skills, knowledge and attributes to be a part of SMASH! 2017, apply now!