Media Team Leader

Media Team Leader

The Media Team Leader is a sub-department of the Creative department who are responsible for creating brand cohesion, digital designs and visual communication across all of SMASH!

Each Staff member takes on either solo briefs or collaborates with other members in the wider team on the same project, while working closely with members of other departments within SMASH!

Projects available may include social media posts, youtube content, marketing campaigns, SMASH! Interviews and other SMASH! media collateral.

We recommend those who have studied an arts degree and have an interest in leadership to apply for the Media Production Manager Position. If you have experience in photography or videographer skills and have college management experience, you can consider applying.

The SMASH! The Creative department is looking for a new Media Team Leader to work directly with the Media Production Supervisor and the heads of other departments.

As a Media Team Leader you collaborate with the Media Production Supervisor to help hire staff for OTD and internal Photographers and Videographers. The Media Team consists of the following roles: Photographers, Videographers and OTD Staff.

The Ideal Candidate will be based both on the day of SMASH! and all year round.

  • Lead members of the Media team while setting expectations and inspire a rewarding work climate
  • Arrange the necessary recruitment paperwork and manage OTD Staff rostering
  • Provide assistance in the wellbeing and mental health of your team; this includes being approachable for members to discuss problems or issues – professional or personal
  • Coordinating with OTD crew to ensure they possess the necessary photography equipment
  • Manage the time and organisation of Photography and Videography jobs as required for SMASH! between necessary departments
  • Ensure a high level of communication is maintained within the Media Staff and team
  • Act as the primary point of contact at production sets when necessary (photoshoots, filming and SMASH! projects) for all internal and on the day communications.
  • Regular reports to Creative Directors and Media Production Supervisor on team progress.
  • Contactable on a regular basis online and over the phone
  • Proficiency in written English and a clear and friendly writing style
  • Has intimate software knowledge of and access to at least 2 of the following Adobe packages:
    • Photoshop
    • Lightroom
    • Premier Pro
    • After Effects
  • Experience in management within a team similar to event coordination
  • Strong understanding of leadership style and interpersonal skills
  • Exceptional Prioritisation skills: knowing what requires immediate attention
  • Awareness of law: managing health and safety, contractual rights, compliance and copyright requirements
  • Informed with new technology and advancements. This includes identifying the most efficient and cost effective ways of working
  • Strong time management, delegation and planning skills to meet deadlines
  • Ability to take initiative, be self-motivated and work independently when needed
  • Attend meetings, workshops and activities as required
  • Available for convention days in Sydney, Australia
  • Based in Sydney, Australia
  • Previous volunteer or customer service experience
  • Strong knowledge and skill of low-light photography
  • Strong knowledge of Post Production pipeline
  • Have a camera and equipment such as a flashlight suitable for low-light photography

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