General Staff

SMASH! Maid Café is looking for a new General Staff who will work hand in hand with the Maid Café Coordinators and Maid Café team. The candidate is expected to be responsible for providing a holistic experience for guests, there are a vast array of factors that must be managed and developed. Additionally, the candidate will handle administration, support activities and non-operational initiatives in the new household. The ideal candidate will need to have attention to detail, self motivated, personable, an advocate of maid café values, have a passion for the maid café image and specialist skills ensures a cohesive and rewarding guest experience.You will receive ongoing support and supervision from the House Steward.

Responsibilities include:

  • Organise resourcing relating to design and décor
  • Maintaining operational readiness leading up to the event
  • In charge of non-operational initiatives
  • Support other staff in the execution of their duties
  • Involved in logistics and shaping the guest facing elements of maid café (such as design, marketing and décor).


  • Experience in design, marketing and/or public relations
  • Excellent communication and critical thinking ability
  • Proficiency in written English
  • Availability for both days of the convention and set up day
  • Reside in Sydney, Australia
  • Easily contactable via Email & Mobile phone


  • One year with SMASH! Maid Café crew or equivalent maid café experience
  • Business fluency or above for Japanese (or other language) speaking and writing
  • Specialist skills and experience that can contribute to improving customer experience

Please note, crew applications will be open at a later date for individuals looking to join the Maid Cafe team for 2018 on-the-day(s) service-related volunteering. Staff positions are individuals who work behind-the-scenes prior, during and after SMASH! and Crews are individuals who volunteer on the day of the SMASH! weekends.

(!!!) “ Please note that this is an unpaid role and the majority of work will be take-home. As a wholly volunteer-run organisation which shares a collective passion for putting together an event for fans by fans, we endeavour to maintain a positive working environment based on team support and fostering professional growth. We offer references after the event as a testament to the unique skills and experiences you will develop through working with SMASH!. If you believe that you have all the skills, knowledge and attributes to be a part of SMASH! 2018, apply now!”

All items marked with a red asterisk * are compulsory.

Attendance on set-up day is NOT compulsory
Please answer honestly.
Please answer honestly.
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