Trivia Assistant

We are looking for an enthusiastic and witty person to fill the position of Trivia Assistant. The Trivia Assistant is part of the Programming department of the SMASH! Family. The Trivia Assistant is responsible for assisting and reporting to the Trivia Coordinator in implementation, coordinating, presenting and hosting Trivia events. Furthermore, you will be mentoring and training volunteers in the process with the support of the team. People aspiring to be Event MCs, TV broadcasters or hosts are encouraged to apply. This will be the perfect opportunity for you to pick up real world skills.

If you believe that you have all the skills, knowledge and attributes to be a part of SMASH! 2017, click 'Apply now!'.


The Trivia team plans and executes relevant and engaging trivia events for the SMASH! Community.

The Trivia Assistant is tasked with assisting the Trivia Coordinator with the following:

  • Assisting with the implementation of Trivia events
  • Assisting with coordinating with Marketing to promote Trivia events
  • Assisting with training of volunteers
  • Assisting with presenting and hosting Trivia events at SMASH!


  1. Assisting with the implementation of Trivia events (Pre-event)

    • Brainstorming new Trivia events and/or improving existing ones
    • Submitting event proposals to the Trivia Coordinator for approval
    • Submitting equipment lists to the Trivia Coordinator for approval
    • Submitting sponsorship suggestions to the Trivia Coordinator
    • Generating a wide variety trivia questions that target all genres of anime, manga and games
    • Keeping trivia questions age-appropriate
  2. Assisting with the implementation of Trivia events (On the Day)

    • Checking that all the equipment required is at the venue (preferably during set-up day)
    • Follow Trivia Coordinator's directions
    • Presenting/hosting Trivia events
    • Providing clear instructions for all competition contestants
    • Prompt marking of all trivia entries
    • Ensuring volunteers understand the event format
    • Ensuring events run to schedule
  3. Assisting with coordinating with Marketing to promote Trivia events

    • Submitting content to Trivia Coordinator for events details
    • Assisting with training crew members
    • Ensuring that all volunteers are appropriately trained for your events
    • Submitting to the Trivia Coordinator your volunteer needs and outlining their roles for administrative purposes


  1. Essential

    • Extensive knowledge of anime/manga/gaming/Japanese pop culture
    • Excellent and timely email and online communication
    • Time management skills and the ability to work under pressure
    • Ability to work independently and follow the directions from the Trivia Coordinator and upper management
  2. Desirable

    • Be available throughout the year for staff workshops, department meetings and volunteer training sessions
    • Experience in running small-scale events
    • Experience with presenting to small and large groups
    • Experience speaking in front of small and large groups

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