Stage Manager

Stage Manager

As a Stage Manager, you assume a pivotal role within the Production Department, driving the comprehensive management and execution of specific stages. Your responsibilities extend beyond operational intricacies to encompass the seamless orchestration of performers and guests. With an acute sense of timing, logistics, and attendee experience, you play a key role in shaping live events that leave a lasting impact. You’ll be supported by a Technical Production Coordinator to assist with audio and visuals complexities, if required.

Key Responsibilities


  • Work closely with the event planner (Programming Department) to understand stage requirements, scheduling, and communication needs.
  • Conduct coordination workshops with performers, Guests and other Department staff, facilitating effective communication to achieve well-planned stage operations.
  • Develop schedules, detailed run sheets and protocols for stage success. 
  • Organise and review stage scripts & digital assets.  
  • Liaise closely with the AV Coordinator for technical aspects such as equipment list and temporary stage builds.

On the Day

  • Lead in the operational success of the stage.
  • Conduct morning briefings to communicate stage protocol to MCs and Production Staff.
  • Act as a liaison between performers, Guests, backstage crew, front of house crew and event planner, ensuring smooth production and transitions between events.
  • Oversee and manage the overall attendee experience on the stage, ensuring safety measures and accommodating special requirements. 
  • Address any unforeseen issues or emergencies on stage, making real-time decisions to maintain the flow of the event.
  • Collaborate closely with the Stage Tech Coordinator, who manages audio & visual technicalities to ensure flawless execution and support when needed.
Skills and experience

  • Proficiency in stage productions and event logistics. 
  • Strong communication to liaise with stakeholders and staff from various departments. 
  • Adaptable and problem solving aptitude.
  • Prior experience in Event Management or Stage Management is advantageous.


  • Contactable at least 2 days per week via email and phone.
  • Attendance at staff meetings and ad hoc coordination workshops.
  • Available in person for convention setup day and the convention days.
Qualifications (Desirable)

  • Qualifications related to Event Management or Stage Productions. 
  • Previous volunteer or management experience
  • Highly motivated and self-sufficient.

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