Stage Tech Coordinator

Stage Tech Coordinator

In the Production Department, you play a vital role as a Stage Tech Coordinator, specialising in the intricate coordination of technical elements for assigned stages. Your responsibilities encompass ensuring the flawless integration of audio and visual equipment, overseeing on-stage technology, and providing crucial support for a smooth technical execution. You’re instrumental in the creation of run sheets, scheduling creative cues, and supervising sound, lighting, media and camera operators. With a meticulous approach, technical expertise, and problem-solving skills, you contribute significantly to the overall quality of live events.

Key Responsibilities


  • Collaborate with other departments and stakeholders in the planning and specification of AV and stage equipment needs.
  • Develop an inventory list of AV equipment for the designated stage, considering technical feasibility and budget constraints.
  • Create AV cues and integrate them into stage run sheets.
  • Participate in the review and management of digital assets.
  • Anticipate potential AV issues and devise contingency plans for seamless event execution.

On the Day

  • Oversee timely stage build and AV setup as per specifications.
  • Participate in rehearsals with performers/speakers.
  • Participate in morning briefings with the Stage Manager to communicate operational expectations for AV to MCs, Production Staff, and AV operators.
  • Supervise and guide contracted AV operators, ensuring they are well-informed of run sheet details and  event schedule. Also act as the liaison between the contractor and other stage stakeholders. 
  • Manage time schedules and provide directive sound & lighting cues when necessary.
  • Provide technical support during rehearsals and performances, resolving immediate AV-related issues. 
  • Monitor and adjust the Audio Visual experience on-the-fly.


Skills and experience

  • Tech-savvy and familiar with stage production processes.
  • Capability to identify and resolve common AV issues, familiarity with sound and lighting terminology, and communication skills.
  • Ability to swiftly grasp and handle new products or technologies.


  • Contactable at least 2 days per week via email and phone.
  • Attendance at staff meetings and ad hoc coordination workshops.
  • Available in person for convention setup day and the convention days.
Qualifications (Desirable)

  • Qualifications related to Event Management or similar. 
  • Previous volunteer or coordinator experience.
  • Interested in technology and curating ambiance or sensory environments.
  • Experience with audio & lighting mixers, projector screens, video calls or technical troubleshooting.

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