System Administrator

The SMASH! IT Department is looking for a new System Administrator. As a System Administrator, you will be responsible for ensuring smooth and reliable functionality of our servers, services and networks throughout the year, and for configuration and monitoring of services and networks required during the convention itself. The candidate is expected to provision new software and services required by the organisation, ensuring that security upgrades are applied in a timely manner, and making performance improvements as required. This position is also involved with software, hardware and services procurement.

Software Developer

SMASH! IT is looking for a new Software Developer. As a Software Developer, you will be responsible for writing web-based and client-based application software, ensuring the IT systems and SMASH! site are fully functional, bug free and easy to navigate behind-the-scenes. The ideal candidate will be reliable, organised, self motivated, highly organised, demonstrates initiative and has exceptional communication and presentation skills whether you work independently or as a team. The candidate is expected to assist the IT Director in managing the SMASH! website and IT-related issues throughout the year and completing other projects/tasks that the team needs to accomplish.